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Charmed to Life -Skidar/Christine Ridgway
I really loved Piper and Festus in the book, I almost forgot she had a whole adventure with him in TLH, but I never really thought of her loving him and caring for him like a living thing. I just mostly remember Leo treating him like that. So when she charmed him to life I just grinned and wanted to hug them both up. Cutie buddies the both of them. I need to re-read TLH now…
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Freefalling -Skidar/Christine Ridgway
Cutie Leo, I think I made his hair too straight, then again he is hurtling through space pretty darn fast :B
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art: sandracl13 [x] 
colour: nimahna [x]
(i made two  colour versions, check out the other one [x])
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"Seven Half-Bloods shall answer the call…"
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Mars Almighty! -Skidar/Christine Ridgway
Poor Frank getting shot between the feet on the Argo II deck by crazy Sciron up on the cliffs.  
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i did this a while ago and forgot to ever post it/there was gonna be more of it but i lost motivation and now it just ends on this awkwardly rude note
but i wanted, at a point, to do a doodle comic about nico learning to shadow travel and this is kinda what came out of it sorry
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